the fog in our poise

 for chamber ensemble__12'__2016 

1st Prize at 2017 MusCan Student Composer Competition


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Live Feed (Facebook Live) from May 24, 2018 - medium audio quality


the fog in our poise evokes the ceremonial music of an imaginary culture. This fictitious population would allow for a certain refinement in rituals and social graces, while retaining a profound relationship with their physicality and their natural environment. I am envisioning an admittedly idealized world where the civilized/uncivilized binary would simply not exist. Human intelligence and creativity would intertwine with the complexity of nature. Musically, this results in the coexistence of composed melodies and rhythmical structures, with semi-organized textures and atmospheres. 


January 29, 2020 TORONTO (Canada) Mazzoleni Hall, Royal Conservatory of Music / Glenn Gould New Music Ensemble (dir. Brian Current)

March 23, 2019 VANCOUVER (Canada) Loud and Queer / Orpheum Annex
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (chef: William Rowson)

May 24, 2018 EDMONTON (Canada) MusCan Annual Conference / Betty Andrews Recital Hall, Allard Hall, MacEwan University
Raymond Baril (conductor), Beth Levia (oboe), Matt Nickel (bassoon), Haley Simons (piano), Brian Thurgood and Ryan Pliska (percussions), Vladimir Rufino and Allyson Lyne (violins), Martina Smazal (viola), Silvia Buttiglione (cello), Rob Aldridge (double bass) 

May 22, 2016 VANCOUVER (Canada) The Elusive, Imaginary Future / Orpheum Annex WORLD PREMIERE
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (conductor: Gordon Gerrard) 



Commissioned by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts